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Australia is one of the most desired places international students look to study English and for their exchange program. Australian schools are a great place for studying English because of the top quality of instructors and they are also known for receiving the best overall value for the money. Australian schools provide a range of English learning programs to meet the needs of students studying English abroad. A few of the English learning programs include the following:

  1. English for Academics
  2. General English Studies
  3. English for Travel purposes
  4. IELTS

International students seem to fall in love with studying English in Australia in their exchange program because of its true beauty as well as the friendly local people of Australia. Australia offers a safe friendly environment to study English with a diverse culture and many exciting locations to visit and explore.

No matter what the reason, the advantages of learning English in Australia are high with some of the tops reasons listed below:

  1. Safe destination to live, study, and work
  2. English is the national language
  3. High quality national standards for English language training
  4. Low cost of living and tuition fees
  5. Extensive range of quality educational programs
  6. Student Visa allows students to work up to 20 hours per week
  7. Visitor Visa program allows up to 12 weeks of study
  8. Opportunities to combine study and travel
  9. Land of divinity and adventure
  10. Beach and sunny summers, snow fields in winter
  11. Sports of all varieties
  12. Meet people and make friends and worldwide connections
  13. Live with an Australian family


Please write to us at Language Embassy to send you the list of schools and places that your school can go for an exchange program in the Australia.